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We understand that homeowners are proud of well-preserved lawns and backyards. However, unattended trees or damaged trees can quickly ruin the overall look of your property and paint a bad image of your house. These damaged trees can ruin the exterior design of your home and take a heavy toll on your property.
Moreover, these damaged trees can also result in serious consequences for your property and the residents. If left unattended, these can turn into health hazards for the property in the surrounding region and can damage the health of other trees in close vicinity. This is why you need to employ our services for tree removal in your home in Houston.

Why Do You Need to Remove A Tree?

Trees also come with a limited life span. This life span can be increased with the right amount of care and maintenance. However, certain natural disasters, soil issues, or negligence can result in the death of these trees. Let’s take a look at the top reasons behind the need for tree removal services.

Irreparable Damage to Trees

Sometimes natural disasters or other elements can easily damage your trees and result in their death. These dead trees should be immediately removed from the property before they spread diseases to other trees or starts harming the integrity of your property.  Dead trees invite intrusive insects, and these insects can quickly spread to the surrounding regions. If the damaged tree is not removed, the rotting branches can result in debris and damage your property or harm the residents. This is why you should employ the services of a professional arborist for tree removal.

Sick Trees

Trees are considered to be living beings, and they can also get sick or fall victim to a variety of different diseases that can result in dead branches or trunk damage. These diseases can easily spread to other trees in the surrounding region, and this is why you should call a professional arborist to remove the diseased trees from your property.

Trees Near Power Lines

Sometimes, you will find trees that are located extremely near to power lines. This close proximity can result in a serious health hazard, and if you find any tree on your property that is over 25 feet tall and is located under or above a power line, you should have it removed from your property.

Shallow Roots

Some trees can also grow shallow roots that can break out of the surface of the ground and result in tripping hazards or damage to your property’s infrastructure. This is why if you see any of the trees growing shallow roots that are slowly making their way out of the surface of the ground, you should call a professional arborist to either take care of the shallow roots or remove the tree altogether from your property.

Old or Mature Trees

Just because you have had a tree for a very long time does not mean that it is necessary for your property. Any changes in the surrounding infrastructure can make the tree undesirable or inconvenient for the residents. To preserve the beauty of your property, you should have the tree removed.
Moreover, if the tree grows too mature, it can start dropping many damaged branches and debris and can become quite hard to maintain. This is yet another reason to employ the services of professional arborists to remove the tree from your property.

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